Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Simple damage rolls for Fighting Fantasy

The fixed two points of damage for any normal hit against any character in any armour with any weapon in Fighting Fantasy is something of an over-simplification, and damage is usually the first feature of the combat rules to be house-ruled or adapted for advanced games.

But in the spirit of Fighting Fantasy, if you are going to roll another die for damage, why not make the rule as simple as possible?

Rolled Damage for Fighting Fantasy

When a hit is achieved, roll one die. This is the number of STAMINA points the wounded character will lose.


Heavy weapons (two-handed swords, troll clubs) add 1 point to the total STAMINA loss.
Light weapons (goblin swords, short-staffs) deduct 1 point from the STAMINA loss.


Light armour deducts 1 points from the STAMINA loss.
Heavy armour (like plate or a full mail hauberk) deducts 2 points.
A shield deducts one more point from the STAMINA loss if the character carrying the shield makes a successful test for skill.
(The GM may apply the protective value of armour (1 or 2 points) as a penalty to any test for skill involving agility or speed.)


A successful test for luck will cause a 1 point hit, if wounded, or a 6 point hit, if attacking. There is no penalty for failing the test for luck: a hit is bad enough.

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