Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Vensford [Mini-scenario]

The old man drinking at the inn in Addistown tries to pay with a gold imperial, a three-hundred year old coin worth more than the ramshackle inn and everything in it.

Where did this remnant of the Tharkish Dominions come from? If pressed, the old man claims he found it in the riverbank, near the shallows at Vensford, with a broken lance-point and a rusted helmet.

Perhaps the ford is the lost site of one of the desperate battles of the Tenth Tharkish War, where a legion at least was trapped and drowned in the crossing.

Would a few adventurers brave the wrath of ghosts and the river to loot the forgotten battlefield?

No one remembers that the slinking water-garg Nardog lurks in the ford. A powerful swimmer, Nardog prefers to pull his victims into the water and drown them in the deep pools. He is less sure on land, but still deadly when cornered.

Nardog: water-garg (slimy trollish hunter)
Skills, Abilities: Grasping strength, Powerful swimmer, Silent lurker, Watchful cunning
4 strikes

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