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Sword/Play is a rules-lite (4 page) fantasy adventure RPG, inspired by XD20 and Fighting Fantasy.

Characters have two attributes: Skills and Stamina. Skills are descriptive; Stamina is a numerical score.

The system is based on the Rough Chances mechanic for d20. The game guide (or GM) sets the chance of success based on difficulty, skill and other factors. If a roll has consequences, such as combat damage or magical effects, these are decided by the same roll.

The idea behind descriptive skills is that player characters are free to explore and act in the game in any way they choose, but noted skills and abilities generally confer an advantage in terms of chances of success. Numerical Stamina provides a simple metric for fatigue and wounds, so there is a sort of scoring system for the game, as well as dramatic consequences for combat and failure.

View and download Sword/Play here.


  1. This one might work even better for a children's giveaway. Playtesting time!